Core Areas of Expertise

The following list summarizes the range of expertise offered by ASRA associates. The level of expertise and industry knowledge amassed over many years of professional services to the Security Community is unparalleled and can be called upon to meet virtually any project requirement.   Individual projects can be addressed in phases, in order to facilitate client timelines and meet budget constraints.

Experience, Expertise and Industry knowledge are the building blocks that ASRA utilizes to deliver the project requirements. These qualifications allow ASRA teams to deliver value consulting and thus cost savings to the client.

Electronic Systems Consulting and Design

Integrated Security Management Systems  
Access Control  
Biometric Identification Technologies  
Closed Circuit Television Systems  
Patrol Technologies  
Perimeter Detection Systems  
Intercom System Design  
Elevator Controls  
Identification (Badging) Systems  
Detention Systems  

Physical Security Consulting and Design

Structural Design From A-Z, ASRA design capabilities encompass the entire spectrum of design challenges. Each construction specialty on the project will be assessed and a design specialist will be engaged if required for the specific tasks at hand. Design specialties include such areas as Target Hardening, Classification of Security Zones, Security Gates and Fences, BioHazard and Blast mitigation, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning systems, Glass and Security Laminates, Builders and Detention Locking Hardware. The client can then be assured that all aspects of the design are addressed, not just the electronic systems requirements.
Structural Design: Detention-Institutional Planning, Cost Control and Construction Management
Doors, Frames and Turnstiles  
Glazing and Security Window Films  
Structural Design and Blast Mitigation  
HVAC Systems and BioHazard Mitigation   
Finishes and Hardware Selection  
Security Fencing and Enclosures  

Architectural Services

Analysis, Surveys and Feasibility Studies Facility Security Design Briefs (to RCMP and TBS Standards) ASRA teams have created and delivered Facility Security Design Briefs to Architects, Engineers, Client Project Teams and other audiences. Each design document integrates the entire physical security and electronic security requirements that are required for the project. The document can then be integrated by the stakeholders into the Architectural and Electrical design for the overall project. ASRA applies the Construction and Design Standards required for the specific project and the particular jurisdiction of the work.
Architectural Security Consulting Services to the Architectural community include value consulting and supply of professional expertise in the complete design of buildings. Typically, ASRA will follow the MASTERFORMAT as published by the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) guidelines, or the NMS set, depending on the client requirements. The construction disciplines addressed by a Facility Security Design Brief may include;
  • Division 1 - General Requirements
  • Division 2 - Site work
  • Division 3 - Concrete
  • Division 4 - Masonry
  • Division 5 - Metals
  • Division 6 - Wood and plastics
  • Division 7 - Thermal and moisture protection
  • Division 8 - Doors and windows
  • Division 9 - Finishes
  • Division 10 - Specialties
  • Division 11 - Equipment
  • Division 12 - Furnishings
  • Division 13 - Special construction
  • Division 14 - Conveying
  • Division 15 - Mechanical
  • Division 16 - Electrical
Some of the specific areas of security practice that may be integrated into a complete facility design include;
  • Building Structural Integrity
  • Blast Mitigation
  • Mechanical Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Biohazards Mitigation
  • Electrical Infrastructure
Requirements Gathering ASRA methodology includes client interviews, site surveys, threat analyses and industry reviews to establish the project requirements. ASRA can offer proven solutions and recommendations on system functionality, operating procedures and hardware specifications. We have the experience and the expertise to add true value and deliver a comprehensive solution that meets budget and time constraints.
Systems Design ASRA defines the integration requirements of diverse systems and applies the information gathered to create the conceptual design standard for the project. Following approval of the conceptual systems design, more detailed design refinement will be undertaken to achieve the design requirements. The definition of the various systems to be deployed in a specific project requires the assignment of dedicated resources to design the various systems. In addition, the functionality of the diverse systems must be integrated to achieve the project requirements. Value consulting assures the Client that the solutions proposed are within budgets and encompass the range and scope of the project requirements. Finally, the system design is extended to the operator interface to ensure proper utilization by the system users.
AUTOCAD Services (to SIA Standards) ASRA has developed skill sets unique to the Security Industry for the creation of professional drawings. CAD services offered include the creation of drawings utilizing the Security Industry Association standard symbol set. When creating drawings sets, the unique project requirements are taken into consideration, including client specific drawings standards, ARCHEBUS standards or other design standards as applicable to the project. Drawings sets may include, for each system and subsystem;
  • General Details
  • Single Line Drawings
  • Functional Block Diagrams
  • Equipment Lists
  • Risers
  • Conduit and Cable Schedules
  • Device and Mounting Details
The creation, interpretation and maintenance of professional caliber drawings is one of the tools needed to effectively communicate the project requirements to the Contractor or service provider working on the project.

Security Operations Center Design

Application of International Standards for Command Center Design (ISO, ANSI, HMI, HFS) ASRA has designed over thirty (30) command and control centers for clients as diverse as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, United States Army, National Museums and Federal Government clients. ASRA employs the latest international standards for ergonomic and task analysis to achieve the clients goals and performance requirements the command center.
Architectural Design including Environmental, Structural, HVAC, Electrical Systems All applicable Standards are investigated and developed, including the ASHRAE and SMACNA Standards.
Console Ergonomics According to ISO, ANSI and HFS (Human Factors Society) Standards
Prioritization of Hardware Including Task analysis and equipment rack requirements

Fire Systems Consulting

Fire System Design
Massing Studies
ASRA can provide complete fire systems consulting, including electrical and mechanical systems, smoke control for detention facilities, and evacuation and massing studies for use by Architects and Engineers

Project Management

Experience with Project Management of Complex Integrated Security System projects includes major systems integration and deployment for clients such as the Canadian House of Commons, Canadian Museum of Civilization and Public Works and Government Services Canada. These projects included all aspects of professional project management practice encompassing;

Security Master Planning
  • Integration Management
  • Plan Development
  • Plan Execution
  • Change Control
Team and Resource Management
  • Time Management
  • Activity Definition
  • Activity Sequencing
  • Activity Duration Estimating
  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Control
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Planning
  • Staff Acquisition
  • Team Development
Risk Management and Mitigation
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Quantification
  • Risk Response
  • Development
  • Risk Response Control and Mitigation
Project Plan and Schedule
  • Procurement Management
  • Procurement Planning
  • Solicitation Planning
  • Solicitation
  • Source Selection
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Close Out
Integration Management
  • Plan Development
  • Plan Execution
  • Change Control
Scope Management
  • Initiation
  • Scope Planning
  • Scope Definition
  • Scope Verification
  • Scope Change Control
Quality Management Plans
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
Management Reporting
  • Communications Management
  • Communications Planning
  • Information Distribution and Project Archive
  • Activity Register
  • Performance Reporting
  • Administrative Closure
  • Cost Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Cost Estimating
  • Cost Budgeting
  • Cost Control

Policies and Procedures

Emergency Response Plan (ERP) ASRA personnel have the ability to engage diverse stakeholder teams, analyze and create Emergency Response Planning documents. Through the use of industry standard and client specific templates, and by applying decades of site analysis experience in assessment, ASRA has the ability to deliver comprehensive documents that fulfill the client requirements.
Business Resumption Plan (BRP) ASRA personnel have the ability to engage diverse stakeholder teams, analyze and create Business Resumption Planning documents. Through the use of industry standard and client specific templates, and by applying decades of site analysis experience in assessment, ASRA has the ability to deliver comprehensive documents that fulfill the client requirements. Elements of a successful BRP can include;
  • Project Initiation and Management.
  • Risk Evaluation and Control.
  • Business Impact Analysis.
  • Developing Business Continuity Strategies.
  • Emergency Response and Operations.
  • Developing and Implementing Business Continuity Plans.
  • Awareness and Training Programs.
  • Maintaining and Exercising Business Continuity Plans.
  • Public Relations and Crisis Coordination.
  • Coordination with Public Authorities

Commissioning and Due Diligence

Contract Review and Award Management ASRA has been engaged at the bid review and contract award stage. This is useful when an owner or general contractor wishes to effect due diligence and obtain an independent, unbiased review of the proposal and cost submissions. For relatively modest cost, an independent opinion can be secured which reviews the fairness of pricing, project methodology as well as compliance to the project scope and technical requirements.
Acceptance Test Plans Working with the Client and the Contractor, ASRA will design an appropriate Acceptance Test Plan that addresses the Specification Documents and the Contract Documents. All aspects of the project requirements will be addressed in the commissioning phase.
Systems Commissioning During commissioning, all aspects of the system design are audited for compliance to the intent and technical requirements of the specification documents. The review includes all addenda and change orders issued during the life of the project. Each device and software application is tested for operation, reporting, control and system management. Often, commissioning activity generates a deficiency list, which is then addressed by the contractor. Upon remedial work being completed, ASRA will again commission the portion of the work that was deficient. Upon successful completion of all commissioning activities, Final Warranty can begin and ASRA will sign off on delivery of the project. Clients are thus assured that system components will deliver the expected results.
Due Diligence Audits
Compliance Consulting
ASRA teams have the necessary professional experience and expertise to assess and report on system implementations effected by other parties. For example, when we are called onto a construction project as compliance consultants to ensure the completion of commissioning requirements according to the specifications.

ASRA can effect due diligence audits to assure the Client that their security dollar is being well spent and in compliance with management requirements. In contract and performance disputes, ASRA can perform the role of arbiter and assist in the resolution of the dispute, thereby avoiding costly delays and litigation.

For ongoing maintenance contracts, ASRA can certify that preventive maintenance testing is being performed according to the contract documents. Audits can be random or scheduled to coincide with the maintenance visits. Audits include the contractual commitment to provide spare parts, stored on or off site, if required.

Threat, Risk, Impact and Consequences Analysis

Audit and Reporting ASRA personnel have the ability to engage diverse stakeholder teams and conduct Threat, Risk, Impact and Consequences Assessments (TRICA).   Through the use of industry standard and client specific templates, and by applying decades of site analysis experience in assessment, ASRA has the ability to deliver comprehensive documents that fulfill the client requirements.
Maintenance Audits In the course of management planning, client departments require maintenance on existing facility plans to bring them into line with current events, recent threats and risks as well as internal policy changes. ASRA teams can provide the sum of decades of experience and deliver maintenance audits in a prompt and professional manner thereby allowing management to effect diligent planning.


Client and Technology Specific Training
Security Console Design
Access Control Systems
ASRA has conducted training seminars for diverse audiences, including technical and non-technical staff. From half-days, to courses with weeks duration, we have designed and delivered training materials, including third party courses, that define requirements and successfully convey learning outcomes.


RCMP: The RCMP OCC is located at the Alta Vista Headquarters and required expansion. ASRA conducted the HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) design reviews for the control room operations. Learn more about our Command Center Planning, Design & Implementation.

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